Starbreaker is the American beyblade team. The members are -

1. Damian Hart - The person who destroyed Tsubasa and Yu's beys and defeated Julius, Sophie and Wells all at once using his 2nd special move. Lost to Gingka in episode 95. His bey is Hell Kerbecs BD145DS.

2. Zeo Abyss - Owner of Flame Byxis 230WD. He battles Masamune and wins.

3. Jack - Owner of Killer Beafowl UW145EWD. He defeated George but lost to Ryuuga.

4. Faust - He owns Basalt Horologium 145WD. Very little is know about this blader. Because the face bolt picture is of a clock, Basalt Horologium may be capable of stopping time. It is also considered a forbidden bey. Dr. Ziggurat has added additional power from his many nuclear plants and factories to Horologium to power it up. But Faust seems to have some kind of special relationship with Zeo Abyss and Masamune when they were young.

Starbreaker is owned by Dr. Ziggurat. Gan Gan Galaxy defeated it and won Big Bang Bladers.

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