• Total Weight:35,98 grams

PC Frame

  • Weight:2,62 grams

Beat's PC Frame is a two-sided translucent, bronze Frame that is primarily oval-shaped. Its main function is to change Beat's Mode between "Attack Mode" and "Defense Mode" by rotating it across the Metal Frame.


  • Weight:33,36 grams

Beat's Core is the main piece of this Fusion Wheel where it's contact points go into play. What's noticeable about this Core from first glance, is that it bears a huge resemblance to Vulcan; being two-sided with it's main contact points: two protrusions between it's curved sides that act as the "ears" of a lynx. It acts as a wider version of Vulcan due to this. Its curved sides are large and bulky while the ears are linear and thin, whilst being curved. It also shows diamond designs much like the arrows on the Flame wheel near it's curved sides. Beat has two Modes, "Attack Mode" and "Defense Mode". When in Attack Mode, the "ears" of Beat's Metal Frame appear however, when in Defense Mode, the "ears" are covered by Beat's PC Frame. This can be switched simply by rotating the PC Frame onto the Metal Frame.

Due to the Metal Frame's large resemblance to Vulcan, Midnight, and Bull, it offers a highly powerful Smash Attack, even superior to Vulcan's but just in the case of Vulcan, it still has recoil in the downside. Despite this, Beat has outclassed Vulcan in its release for it's very powerful and consistent Smash Attack capability, and lessened recoil with a Metal Face Bolt. .

Beat can reach it's full potential in Attack Mode which is what Bladers use mostly as it is guaranteed for maximum Smash Attack. Since in Defense Mode, it's main contact points are covered by Beat's PC Frame thus, removing any Attacking potential. Beat also shines in low and mid-height combos, but usually in mid-heights.

Overall, Beat is a very powerful Fusion Wheel thanks to it's Core. It's Vulcan-like design, combined with it's devastatingly powerful Smash Attack, makes it a must-have for Attack Type Bladers. With this, Beat has been compared to Variares, Flash, and Blitz as one of the best 4D Fusion Wheels for Attack Types in the current metagame.

Attack: 6 Defense: 2,5 Stamina: 2


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