Blitz Striker is Masamune Kadoya's Beyblade. The beast inside of it is a unicorn. it evolves from Ray Striker.

Blitz Striker
Game Info
Number BB-117
Type Attack
Face Bolt Unicorno II
Energy Ring Unicorno II
Fusion Wheel Blitz
Spin Track 100
Performance Tip RSF
Anime Info
Owner Masamune Kadoya
First Appearance TBA


It will be the evolution of Masamune's Ray striker in Beyblade: Metal Fury.

Special Moves

  • =====Lightning Nova Strike=====


It will be released in Wave 7. It will be an Attack type.


Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Striker II
Energy Ring Striker II * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Blitz * * * * * * *
Spin Track 100 * *
Performance Tip RSF * * * * * * *


Face Bolt: Striker II

The face bolt depicts Monoceros, one of the 88 constellations in space.

Energy Ring: Striker II

This version of Striker has a predominanty turquoise ring, with purple horn designs. It is heavier then the original Striker and is ideal for use with three-sided Fusion Wheels such as Storm.

Fusion Wheel: Blitz

Blitz consists of two parts, a Metal Frame and a Core. The Core has six blades protruding from three contact points, and the Metal Frame can be placed in Assault Mode (at one of the contact points to form three blades) or Barrage Mode (in between the contact points for six blades). Assault mode has proven better as it takes less recoil and has a chance of KO'ing beys even at a low spin speed. It has found great use in the combo MF Blitz Striker CH120 RF.

Spin Track: 100

100 is the third-lowest Track available. It is outclassed by 90 and 85, but is still useful in a substitue to those parts.

Performance Tip: Rubber Semi Flat

RSF is, as its name suggests, a variation of SF that is rubber. It is also taller then SF and has surprising defensive properties due to increased friction on the ground, while still retaining a semi-agressive movement pattern. This version of RSF has a "harder" rubber, unlike Ray Gil. It can makes hard attacks, even from short distance.


  • Although the blueprints say that Masamune wanted Striker to go "Gagaga highspeed", RSF, especially the hard variant, is not fast.


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