Chi-Yun Li (李 赤雲, Li Chi-Yun)

Chi-Yun Li
Chi-Yun Li
Race Human
Age 12
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation China
Occupation Blader
Base of Operations N/A
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Beys/Special Moves
1st Bey Thermal Lacerta WA130Ht
Special Move Lizard One-Hundred Violent Slashes
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 5, Chapter 23
Anime Debut Episode 53
Japanese Voice Mitsuki Saiga



He has blue hair tied into a pony tail. A purple kimono with a red trim, yellow cuffs and a dark orange circle with a red gecko. A green pearl necklace. He also has white pants. He wears a hat that is purple with a yellow trim, and inside it is red with a green small ball on top. He has redish brownish eyes. He has peach skin. Finally he wears brown boots with some purple on them


He surprises with his height, because he otherwise sounds very serious. He inspires respect from those around him though.


This beyblader is a representant of the Chinese team.He was inspired by Da Xiang.Chi-Yun learned so much from him.





*Thermal Lacerta WA130HF:: is Chi-Yun Li's Beyblade in the manga and anime.

Beast/Finishing Moves


MFB Lizard


Debut (Anime)

Episode 54

Appears in

Anime, Manga, Video Games

Lizard (とかげ, Tokage): is the beast inside Chi-Yun Li's Beyblade.

Lizard One-Hundred Violent Slashes: Chi-Yun Li's first finishing move is Lizard One-Hundred Violent Slashes (蜥蜴百烈斬, Sekieki Hyakuretsuzan), He first used this attack in chapter 23 of the manga.



  • His status and appearance resembles Chan Lee from Bakugan: Battle Brawlers. Their hair is both blue, have brown eyes, and are both very strong battlers (Chan Lee was ranked 3rd, and Chi-Yun Li is one of the strongest bladers in his team).



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