Cosmic Pegasus also known as Big Bang Pegasus is an Attack type Beyblade that will appear in Metal Fight Beyblade 4D as the evolution of Galaxy Pegasus. It will be owned by Gingka Hagane.

Cosmic Pegasus
Game Info
Number BB-105
Type Attack
Face Bolt Pegasus III
Energy Ring Pegasus III
Fusion Wheel Cosmic
Spin Track N/A
Performance Tip F:D
Anime Info
Owner Gingka Hagane
First Appearance TBA

Special Moves


It will appear in Metal Fight Beyblade 4D, as the evolution to Gingka's Galaxy Pegasus.


It will be released in Wave 7 It is an attack type.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Pegasus III - - -
Energy Ring Pegasus III * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Cosmic * * * * * * *
4D Performance Tip * * * * * * *

Face Bolt: Pegasus III

This Face Bolt is similar to the other Pegasus Face Bolts, except it is dark blue with a silver Pegasus and appears to have four wings.

Energy Ring: Pegasus III

The Energy Ring will be heavier and stronger since it has metal fillings (powder-like substance) in it. It is dark blue and resembles the original Pegasus and Pegasus II.

4D Fusion Wheel: Big Bang

Made of 3 pieces including one made out of Polycarbonate. It has the shape of wings of Pegasus. The Wheel is 50 milimeteres wide like the Hades Wheel. It has 4 different Modes, "Smash Attack Mode", "Omindirectional Attack Mode", "Barrage Mode", and "Upper Attack Mode", which can be used by rotating the PC frame and Core.

4D Performance Tip: Final Drive

Bottom starts out acting like SF but when rotation becomes lower, it will act like an RF. It circles around the stadium very fast (Sometimes, it will crash the stadium walls so it can hit the Bey in the middle directly.) When it is starting to lose stamina it will deliver a powerful attack (it will change to 85 height) into the middle of the Bey. (Sometimes it will even make its opponent flip over.) It has a mechanism where the centrifugal force of the Bey spinning causes the SF tip to come out of the bottom during the battle,but as the Bey slows down and the force weakens,the SF tip retracts into the bottom,causing the bottom to become completely rubber.


  • Cosmic Pegasus is Gingka's first Beyblade to feature a mode change.
  • Like all other 4D Beys, Hasbro will release it with a one-piece Fusion Wheel and W105R2F instead of F:D.
  • Big Bang Pegasis is similar to Big Bang Seiryuu and Big Bang Dragonis.


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