Clay Aries is Hyoma's beyblade. The beast inside of it is a ram. It evolves into Rock Aries.


In episode 15, it was used by Hyoma to save Benkei from a boar.

In episode 16, It battled Flame Sagittario and won. It then defeated Dark Bull by reversing Red Horn Uppercut on it with Windstorm Assault.

In episode 18, it battled Storm Pegasus and was winning until Gingka shattered the stadium and Aries got stuck in a crack. unable to move, Pegasus defeated it in one blow.

In episode 21, it was used against Kyoya except the performance tip was switched out for SF instead of B. Leone surrounded it with tornados and blew it away, eliminating Hyoma from the competition in his first battle.

Aries evolved into a Rock Aries sometime in between episodes 22 and 32. this is shown because the Blader DJ announces it as "Rock Aries" from episode 32 onward, where it was "Clay Aries" before.

Special Attacks

  • Horn Throw Destruction: Aries launches the foe into the air, similar to Bull's Red Horn Uppercut.
  • Windstorm Assault: Aries hooks the foe and swings it around, effectively reversing its attack. Hyoma used this in a unique way in episode 18, to hook the stadium and propel Aries toward the center.


Counter Aries can be bought as Counter Aries, but those are very hard to find. An easier, but more expensive way to obtain it is to buy Rock Aries from Waves 1 or 5 and Clounter Leone from Wave 4. It was released in Wave 1 as a variation to Rock Aries.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt
Energy Ring Aries * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Counter * * * * * *
Spin Track ED145 * * * *
Performance Tip B * * * * * * *

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