Cyclone Herculeo
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Game Info
Type Attack
Face Bolt Herculeo
Energy Ring Herculeo
Fusion Wheel Cyclone
Spin Track 105
Performance Tip F
Anime Info
Owner Ian Garcia
First Appearance Episode 82

Cyclone Herculeo is an Attack type Beyblade owned by Ian Garcia.


Beyblade: Metal Masters

It was first seen in Episode 30, when Ian used it to battle Yu's Flame Libra. Libra managed to avoid most of the attacks until it was damaged by Ray Gil.

Herculeo battled Galaxy Pegasus in a Cyclone battle, where it had the advantage due to Ian memorizing when the Cyclone point at the center of the stadium would spin for more powerful attacks. However, Ian accidentally taught Gingka how to stop a Cyclone attack, and this was his downfall.

It was later used in an attempt to stop Gingka and co. from entering Hades city. Herculeo used Blazer Slash on the walls of the canyon to trap its inhabitants, but Kyoya and Leone were able to blow away the rock. It was presumably defeated by Horuseus, Scorpio, and Bull.

Special Moves

  • Cyclone Attack: Herculeo uses the Cyclone point to gather momentum, and then launches a powerful attack.
  • Blazer Slash: A flaming Herculeo charges into the opponent and slashes with its five blades.


It was released in Wave 5. It is an attack type.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Herculeo
Energy Ring Herculeo * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Cyclone * * * * * * *
Spin Track 105 *
Performance Tip F * * * * * * *


  • It is the only Beyblade on Team Garcia that does not have Ray as a Fusion Wheel.
  • It's name was originaly thought to be Tornado Hercules, and that is still evident of
  • His Fusion Wheel and Performance Tip have the same power.


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