Damian Hart
Damian Hart
Race Human
Age 16-18
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation HD Academy
Occupation Blader
Base of Operations HD Academy
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Beys/Special Moves
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 7, Chapter 28
Anime Debut The Plot Begins to Move (Episode 87)
Japanese Voice Romi Park

Damian Hart (ダミアン・ハート, Damian Hāto) is the team leader of the USA representative team "Starbreaker, who also works for Dr.Ziggurat at HD Academy.

Damian has blue hair. he has gold armor worn on top of a white top.


As HD Academy is shown for the first time, the scientist, and leader of the organization; Dr. Ziggurat is using a device called the "Arrange System". A boy named Damian is shown inside one of those capsule devices, which is brainwashing, and infusing power from Hell Kerbecs into his body.Damian has an evil and cold personality.

After Dr. Ziggurat finished his work on him, he sent Damian to bring Ryuga back to HD Academy, and to test out his new power. At a Beystadium somewhere, he interrupts Tsubasa, and Yu's Beyblade race. He tells both Tsubasa and Yu that he wants to test out his Bey against them, which they accept. Not too long after, an explosion is seen in the background during Masamune and Zeo's battle at the park. Ginga and the others rush to the scene. Upon arrival, devastated, and shocked by what they see... Tsubasa and Yu are majorly injured, and unconscious, along with the sides of Aquila's wheel and the same to libra.

Later, after team starbreakers began their battles in the semi finals of big bang bladers, he battled Julian Konzern. After beating him once, he defeated Julian again, along with Sophie and wells. During the battle, it is shown that his bey came from the gates of Hell. In the final round, although he seemed to have Gingka cornered, he lost to Gingka. Later, at HD academy, he lost to Kyoya. Damian is the only blader shown to be unknown in metal fight beyblade 4d.

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