Dark Bull is Benkei Hanawa's Beyblade. The beast inside of it is a bull.

Dark Bull
Dark Bull
Game Info
Number BB-40
Type Balance
Face Bolt Bull
Energy Ring Bull
Fusion Wheel Dark
Spin Track H145
Performance Tip SD
Anime Info
Owner Benkei Hanawa
First Appearance Episode 4


It was given to Benkei by Daidoji in episode 4. Benkei was to defeat Gingka with this Beyblade, but after much training, it was still defeated by Pegasus.

In episode 5, Benkei uses it to cut down a tree shortly before meeting Tetsuya.

In episode 7, Dark Bull defeats Flame Sagittario many times as part of Kenta's training. Later, it stalled Tetsuya and Mad Cancer so Kenta could go on to battle Hikaru.

In episode 9, It battled Sagittario and lost, and later teamed up with it to battle Rock Leone. However, they were defeated brutally and Benkei was badly hurt.

In episodes 11 and 12, it, Benkei, and his friends invaded the Dark Nebula's castle. It and Flame Sagittario were held up by one hundred other Dark Nebula bladers.

In episode 22, It battled Flame Libra alongside Flame Sagittario and Storm Aquario. However, all three were defeated.

In episode 28, It battled the newly evolved Dark Cancer and lost due to Tetsuya tricking Benkei into letting down his guard.

In episode 31, It battled Earth Eagle and lost.

Later in episode 38, Benkei would have another battle with Tsubasa and lose yet again.

In Battle Bladers, It faced off against Storm Capricorn in the Premlimaries and won, but was defeated by Rock Leone in the Quarterfinals. It fought a brief battle with L Drago, in which Benkei was defeated.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

In episode 1, It battled Earth Eagle and did fairly well before being defeated.

In episode 4, It would compete in the qualifying round for Team Japan, but would ultimately come in 5th, one pla ce short of making the team.

In episode 22, It battled Earth Eagle and Flame Libra alongside Clay Escolpio. They overwhelmed their opponents for most of the battle due to Demure reading Eagle's moves and telling The Masked Bull where to attack. However, Tsubasa went into a rage and defeated every other bey but his own.

Special Attacks

  • Red Horn Uppercut(Tornado Bull Uppercut/Bull Uppercut): Bull uses the power of its spin track to send the opponent flying into the air.
  • Maximum Stampede: Bull charges at the opponent, and dispels their special move with its spin track.


It was released in Wave 1. It is a Balance Type Beyblade.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Bull
Energy Ring Bull * * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Dark * * * * * * * *
Spin Track H145 * * * *
PerformanceTip SD * * * * * * *


  • In episodes 4 and 19, "Hybrid Wheel" is printed on the Energy Ring, when it is not present in any other episodes.
  • The earliest versions of Dark Bull had a thinner H145 Spin Track, but was replaced with a thicker one due to breakage.


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