Dark Poseidon is a beyblade that appears in the movie : Beyblade Vs The Sun : Sol Blaze, The Scorching Hot Invader!. It is owned by Bakin. It is a Balance type beyblade and was sold by Takara Tomy for a very limited time.

Face Bolt: Poseidon

The Face Bolt Depicts Poseidon, In Greek Mythology, Poseidon Was One Of Twelve Olympians, Being God Of The Sea.

Energy Ring : Poseidon

Poseidon Is Actually A Dark Blue Painted Version Of Aquario. It Features Stickers Depicting Pink Tridents And Waves. In terms of actual preformance it's the same as any other Aquarios meaning it's a great energy ring to have in both Stamina and Defense combos.

Fusion Wheel : Dark

Even Though This Dark Wheel Is Called Dark, There Still More Differences Form The Normal Dark Wheel. It Has Some Blue And Purple Stickers To Put On The Wheel. Also, the smaller blades are further inwards than the larger ones. That being said it's a horrible balance wheel and should be skipped.

Spin Track : 145

145 Is The Third Highest Spin Track. It Out Classed By Its Variants Such As AD145, DF145. It is translucent Blue In Colour.

Performance Tip : Wide Defense

Wide Defense Is The Widest Of Defense Series Tips. WD Is A Good Stamina Tip. Despite Its Name, Its Very Good In Stamina. It is transluecent Blue In Color.

Special Move

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