Dark Wolf is Daidoji's beyblade. The beast inside of it is a wolf.


It was first used in episode 3, to defeat Rock Leone so Kyoya would temporarily join the Dark Nebula.

In episode 11, he used it to badly damage Rock Leone and knock Kyoya out.

In episode 12, it battled Storm Pegasus and lost even while using a special move.

In episode 46, it battled a Clay Leone, Rock Aries, and a shattered Flame Sagittario and defeated them all easily.

In episode 47, It battles Burn Phoenix and seems to be winning until Phoenix saw the piece of Sagittario stuck in Wolf's blades. He then used Burning Fire Strike to stab Wolf with the piece and severely damage it, winning the battle.

In episode 48, It battles Lightning L Drago , and loses in its weakened state, actually getting broken in two.

Special Attacks

  • Darkness Howling Blazer : Wolf slices through the foe with its sharp blades, striking it again and again.
  • Dark Void: Many tentacles stretch out from Wolf, grab the opponent, and pull them into a pit of darkness. This bey is possible to defeat since it is equal in attack,stamina,balance, and defense.


Dark Wolf was released in Wave 1. It is a Balance Type.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Wolf
Energy Ring Wolf * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Dark * * * * * * * *
Spin Track DF145 * * *
Performance Tip FS * * * * * * *

Video Game

Dark Wolf and Doji do not appear as NPCs in the Beyblade Video Game, but they can be unlocked and play through Story Mode as a main Character.


Face bolt:

Energy ring:

Wolf is a balanced energy ring that is execelent for Balance combos. It  has 4 blue wolf heads facing in a clockwise direction.

Fusion Wheel:

Dark is an outclassed Fusion wheel. It has 15 blades in the clockwise direction, that are too close together to provide attack, but to frequent to maintain stamiana. The Hasbro version does show some defense, however.

Spin Track:

Perfoemance Tip:


  • "Darkness Howling Blazer" may have been taken from the "Darkness Howling Tornado", a water slide at Great Wolf Lodge.

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