Diablo Nemesis

Diablo Nemesis is owned by Rago,also known as the God Of Destruction.

Diablo nemesis is the current heaviest Beyblade(not modified)

Face: Nemesis

The Nemesis Face Mark is an amalgam of the Face Marks from thirteen of the 4D system Beyblades, excluding Omega Dragonis. From the bottom, going clockwise, one can observe the following Face Mark features: VariAres’ Face Mark's chin, Quetzalcoatl’s wing, Unicorno II’s head, Pegasis III’s wing, L Drago III’s head, Jupiter’s eagle head, Lynx’s eye, Leone II’s paw, Kronos’ scythe, and Cygnus’ swan head. (Because if you didn't know,it stole every single bey's star fragment so it has every bey power in it). In the center, there are three eyes which resemble Orion’s, but the middle eye is replaced with Nemesis’ unique mask and surrounded by black- and purple-colored wisps from the Hades Face Mark helmet which extend to the perimeter of the Face design. The left eye is adorned with Sagittario’s arrow and the teeth are from Uranus. Overall, the Nemesis Face Mark forms quite a chimera.

Despite not being a member of the 4D system, Flame Sagittario is included in the Nemesis Face Mark because the owner of Flame Sagittario in the Metal Fight Beyblade anime, Kenta, acts as a companion to the owner of L-Drago Destroy, Ryuuga, and eventually receives a 4D system Beyblade through the star fragment obtained from L-Drago Destroy (Which evolves flame Saggaterio into FLASH Saggeterio ). Since Flame Sagittario was present at the creation of Nemesis in the anime, its design is incorporated into Diablo Nemesis.

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