• Weight: 1.13 grams

Eternal Wide Defense (EWD) is a variation of the Bearing series of Performance Tips. As it's name suggests, EWD is a variation of WD with a bearing-based gimmick. While retaining the same appearance as WD, EWD features a bearing implemented at the tip of it. This allows EWD for better balance and spin-retaining force. Unlike it's infamous counterpart ES, EWD does not suffer from the balance problems that ES contains due to EWD's wide-shape to allow it to recover it's balance. Overall, EWD is a great Performance Tip for Stamina amongst Tips such as WD, PD, EDS, and B:D. EWD also overrules WD in Stamina. EWD's only downside is that it's performance will eventually change once it has been worn out. Results like less grip on the stadium floor and being thrown all over the place by attack types will emerge. The EWD performance tip can come in handy for stamina types because EWD has really good balance.

Attack: 0 Defence: 3 Stamina: 5


  • MF-H Hades(Hell) Kerbecs BD145(Boost Mode)EWD (Stamina)
  • Phantom Virgo GB145 EWD (Stamina)


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