Eight Unabara is a Zero-G Protagonists he uses a Zero-G bey called Pirates Orojya 145D

Gender:Male Beyblade:Pirates Orojya 145D(Stamina Type) Age:8+ Relatives:Kite Unabara(Older Brother) Friends:Kite Unabara Rivals:Zero and Mal

Debut:ZG003.Intensive Training Of Hell

Manga Apearence.Metal Fight Beyblade Chapter 002

Appearence He Has Blue Hair in a Fohawk he has a white and Orange sweater and pants he also has pink headphones he has green eyes and he has a yellow Hair Holder Thing

Bey: His Bey is Pirates Orojya 145D a stamina type bey its beast is the mythical 8 headed 8 tailed water dragon Yamata O" Orochi



Zero Kurogane:Ep.003-004:Lose

Zero Kurogane(Synchrom Opponent):Ep.008:Win

Zero Kurogane&Shinobu Hiryuin(Synchrom):Ep.010:Lose

Kite Unabara:Ep.015:No Result

Sakyo Kuroyami(tag w Kite Unabara):Ep.015:Lose

Yoshio Iwayama:Ep.019:Lose

Takanosuke Shishiya(Synchrom):Ep.022:Win



Kira Hayama:Ep.029-030:Lose

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