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Fang Leone is the evolution of Rock Leone it is another one of many bey's besides Big Bang Pegasis with a multi-part or 4D system fusion Wheel. It is Kyoya Tategami's Beyblade.

Fang Leone
Fang Leone
Game Info
Number BB-106
Type Defense
Face Bolt Leone II
Energy Ring Leone II
Fusion Wheel Fang
Spin Track 130
Performance Tip W2D
Anime Info
Owner Kyoya Tategami
First Appearance TBA


Beyblade: Metal Fury

It evolved from Rock Leone in a battle with Galaxy Pegasus during Episode 1. It was later used to battle Dark Bull in Episode 2 in order for Ryusei, Hikaru, and Madoka to observe its performance.


It will be released in Wave 7. It is a Defense Type.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Leone II
Energy Ring Leone II * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Fang * * * * * * *
Spin Track 130 *
Performance Tip W2D * * * * * * *


Face Bolt: Leone II.

This version of Leone has Leone's head with a crown, but instead of having "Leo" underneath, it shows Leone's paw with a star on it.

Energy Ring: Leone II.

Leone II is a darker version of Leone, with several bolt-like designs at three regular intervals.

Fusion Wheel: Fang.

Fang consists of a Metal Frame and Core, which are supposed to resemble a lion's mane. The Metal Frame can be placed upside down on the Core for CounterAttack Mode. When it is right side up, It is in Defense Mode. It takes a lot of recoil in both modes, so it is outclassed by other Defensive wheels, mainly Twisted.

Spin Track: 130.

130 is a mid-height Track, in between 125 and 135. Although it is said to be useful against 230-based Beyblades, it is outclassed by its variants S130 and WA130.

Performance Tip: Wide 2 Defense.

W2D is similar to WD, but has a flat circle on the bottom with a small point sticking out of it. This gives it more Stamina, as well as semi-aggressive movement when knocked off balance. It is outclassed by B:D.


  • It has relatively the same spin track and performance tip as Earth Eagle, except Fang leone is W2D not WD and 130 not 145.
  • Fang Leone is stilled used by Kyoya in the manga.
  • Unlike Pegasis and L-Drago, Leone only has three forms while the others have four.
  • Its name was originally thought to be Phantom Leone, but Phantom was used for Orion.
  • It is one of the two beyblades that uses 2 name like Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F.
  • Fang Leone was drawn as Rock Leone in some epoisodes of the anime.


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