• Total Weight:45,6 grams

Metal Frame

Flash's Metal Frame resembles the original Flame fusion wheel. It is in an oval shape. It's underside is quite empty, and due to this, weight is lost.


The core clearly resembles the Metal Frame, but looking slightly more like a circle. It retains it's bows and small spikes though.


Flash is able to change modes, 'Attack Mode', where the Wheel takes an oval shape, and somewhat resembles a football when turned horizontally. By simply turning the Metal Frame sideways, Flash enters 'Stamina Mode' where Flash takes a layered resemblance, looking like two Flame Wheels stacked on top of one-another. Because of the ovular Frame and Core being stacked in opposite directions, this mode looks more like a circle compared to the oval-like shape of Attack Mode. Stamina Mode doesn't hold too much Stamina to stay up long though, due to the fact that the Wheel has too many points of weight distribution, having about four or five. And since Attack Mode only has two points of weight distribution, not only does it hold more Stamina than Stamina Mode, but is overall much better. However, since Attack Mode is an oval-like shape it catches the wind, thus, reducing rotation speed. It has found great use in Attack customisations, with its minimum recoil. It also does a great job at pushing opposing beys, staggering them into a corner and losing their balance. It also has less chances of being knocked out compared to other top-tier Attack wheels like Variares, Beat, and Fang.

Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Stamina: 4


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