Race Human
Age 18
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation HD Academy
Occupation Blader
Base of Operations HD Academy
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Beys/Special Moves
First Appearance
Manga Debut [[]]
Anime Debut [[Episode 38 "The Wicked Peacock: Befall"]]

Jack is a character in Beyblade: Metal Masters and a member of the American team Starbreakers. The beyblade he uses is Evil Befall


Jack has pinkish hair that goes to his shoulders and green eyes. He wears a green coat over a black shirt with pink stripes. He also has a black mask over his right eye. In season 4D, he is not seen wearing the mask or face paint but keeps the blue colored lipstick. He changes the green jacket for a grey one with green designs and the black shirt for a terquoise colored shirt. He keeps the white gloves and still uses Evil Befall.


He has a rather cold personality like Mizuchi Reiji from season 1, but instead of tearing off bits of the opponent's beyblade, he uses his UW145 Spin Track to carve into it. He is also very confident as he took on Ryuga without fear for himself or Befall.


He was first seen in Episode 33, when he and a group of HD Academy bladers attacked Ryuga. However, his identity was not revealed until episode 36, where he watched Ryuga battle Zeo.

He battled Klaus and Grand Capricorne in Episode 38 with his new Beyblade, Evil Befall and appeared to be pushed into a corner, until he was inspired by Klaus to create a new Special Move, Beautiful Death and defeat Klaus, destroying Grand Capricorne.

In episode 42, he Battled Ryuga in the second match of Starbreaker vs. Gan Gan Galaxy and appeared to defeat him until L-Drago unleashed all of the power it had stolen from Befall and defeated him in one attack.



Evil BefallUW145EWD is Jack's first beyblade. It was created for him by Dr. Ziggurat.


  • Jack The Ripper was a serial killer in the UK in the late 19th century. His name and his 1st special move(Befall the Ripper) may relate to him.


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