Julian Konzern
Julian Konzern
Race Human
Age 22-26
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Team Excalibur
Occupation Blader
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Beys/Special Moves
First Appearance
Manga Debut [[]]
Anime Debut Metal Masters Episode 12 ()

Character Design

Julian Konzern is a young Italian man who resides in his mansion in Italy. He appears as a blonde haired man wearing a purple shirt and red jacket and pants.


Julian is first seen as a confident, non-caring blader. He is ruthless in his battles against Team Desert Blaze and his fight against Gan Gan Galaxy's leader Gingka. He becomes softer to other people after he looses to Gingka in the A block finals, but still aims to become #1. He treats his team members: Sophie, Wales and Klaus with respect and honor.

Beyblade Metal Masters

His role in Metal Masters is that of like Kyoya, Masamune and Ryuga: a rival to Gingka. His first appearance is in Episode 12 when he is seen riding his horse, Antonius, through a trail and ends up back at his estate before he is given his beyblade Gravity Perseus (Gravity Destroyer is English Dub) and boards a plane to fight in his upcomming battle. He is later seen challenging all three members of Team Desert Blaze by himself stating that he doesn't need his team to be there with him. After defeating all three members himself, his next appearances are in episodes 24 and 25 when Team Excaliber fight Team Wang Hu Zhong, who came back as the wild card. Later, he is suprise attacked by Tsubasa while riding Antonius to meet up with his team to train. Soon after his team comes to his aid and Julian gets into a small battle with Ryuga to save Sophie. He battles again against Gingka Hagane and loses but doesn't feel upset in the end.

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