Lightning L'Drago (1)

Lightning L-Drago, also referred to as L-Drago is Ryuga's Beyblade. It's nicknamed The Forbidden Bey because it absorbs the anger and hatred of its opponents to use as power. It evolves into Meteo L Drago.

L-Drago Face Bolt:

This Face Bolt depicts Draco, one of the 88 constellations in the sky.Also the spirit.

Lightning L-Drago Energy Ring

This ring looks like three dragon heads coming from the center of L-Drago, making it look like its Beast inside. This ring is asymmetrical, giving Lightning L-Drago the Ability to Mode Change. It is only compatible with Lightning.


100 is an Attack track designed for Upper Attacking. The track is low enough to hit high tracks but is also the height when the weakness of low tracks, floor-scraping, starts becoming a drawback. Despite this, 90 and 85 are still more recommened.

Hole Flat

Hole Flat is a Flat Tip but with a hole in it. This increases the Stamina of the bey as less friction is produced, but compromises Defense and Attack. This Tip is also very fragile. But HF can maintain the Banking shot pattern.


Before the series even started, L Drago was locked inside a temple in Koma Village. Its seal was broken by Ryuga of the Dark Nebula who the used L Drago to defeat Ryusei Hagane.

After that, L Drago is dormant until its battle with Storm Pegasus, in episode 13, which it wins.

Later in episode 14, It is shown training against beyblades of all four types, and winning easily.

In episode 20, Ryuga meets Yu and wins him over by using L Drago to create a bigger explosion that Yu's Libra could.

Special Attacks

  • Dragon Emperor, Soaring Bite Strike(Dragon Emperor, Soaring Bite Attack/Dragon Emperor, Soaring Strike): A dark move where Ryuga creates an energy ball to power up L Drago, who blasts the opponent with the power of three dragons.
  • Dragon Emperor, Soaring Destruction: A more powerful version of the Dragon Emperor, Soaring Bite Strike except that L Drago also becomes electrified when it attacks the opponent.

Multi-hit Mode


Upper Mode

Anime 4D

Lightning L Drago was released in Wave 2. It is a rare left spinning Beyblade that comes with a special left-spin launcher. The energy ring can be rotated to either put it in Rapid or Upper attack mode. Only the Spin Track, Performance tip and Facebolt can be switched out with other Beyblades. Many use L Drago's Upper attack mode due to the slight increase in Smash attack. L Drago has been known to perform viciously when used with spin track SW145 which can be found on Poison Serpent.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt L Drago
Energy Ring L Drago * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Lightning * * * * * * * 1/2 * 1/2
Spin Track 100 * *
Performace Tip HF (Hole Flat) * * * * * * * 1/2



Lightning L Drago in Upper mode

Lightning L Drago Hasbro

Packaged Lightning L-Drago


Lightning L Drago in Multi-Hit mode


L drago in ultimate dragon mode


L drago after taking the bey spirit of kyoya

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