The Sniper Capricorn is the twenty-fifth episode of the Metal Fight Beyblade anime.

Prologue intro 3 starts in this episode, and lasts to episode 39.


Mfb eptitle25

Sniper Capricorne

  • Original Airdate: September 20, 2009
  • English Airdate: Flag of United States September 18, 2010
  • Opening Song: Metal Fight Beyblade ver.1
  • Ending Song: Boys ~Hikari Kagayaku Ashita He~
  • English Dub Title: The Sniper Capricorn
  • Kanji: 狙撃手(スナイパー)カプリコーネ
  • Romaji: "Sunaipaa Kapurikoone"
  • Arc: Untitled

Prologue Intro 3: Battle Bladers (Part 1)

  • Battle Bladers
  • That is the greatest stage, where the Number One Blader will be decided.
  • Behind the dreams of would-be participants, a dark conspiracy swirls ominously!
  • This is the story of passionate Bladers who, in order to hinder these evil aspirations, are aiming for Battle Bladers!


Cuts/Changes made in the Dub

Characters/Beys in Order of Appearance

rock leone 145wb

storm capricorne m145q

Capricorn Lightning Screwdriver

This is capricorn's 2nd finishing move.


The Beautiful AquilaTsubasa Flies into the Dark

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