It is the dawn of another day. A new Star Fragment, similar to the one that created Pegass and L Drago, has entered the Earth’s atmosphere. Yuki, a young astronomer, is keen to see the mysteries behind the Star Fragment and unlock it’s secrets. However, there are some that have the same views but for a different purpose, The Black Sun and his apprentice, Johannes. Before the Star Fragment collides with the Earth, it explodes and sends beams of light across the world. Yuki and his bey, Mercury Anubius, are hit by one of the beams of light and sent flying. After getting up Yuki notices his bey is shining and begins some research. Elsewhere, Madoka is fixing Ginga’s Galaxy Pegasis who was badly damaged during the battle against the Spiral Core. All of a sudden, a beam of light similar to the one that hit Yuki’s bey hits Pegasis. The results are the same with Pegasis shining. The next day, Ginga and Kenta are at a local Beyblade tournament. With Kenta continuously defeating his opponents, Ginga bursts out cheering, despite the fact it is against the rules as he is commentating the match. Several rule violations later, Kenta is announced the winner of the tournament and is given a trophy. Upon reaching the B Pit, Ginga lets loose with excitement at his newly fixed bey and thanks Madoka, who is sleeping. Upon awaking, Madoka tries to explain what happened the night before but Ginga and Kenta are miles away, already deciding to have a battle. Whilst chasing after them, Madoka is narrowly missed by a arrow which contains a challenge note from an anonymous someone. Ginga quickly accepts despite not knowing who the challenger is. Ginga and co arrive at the rendezvous point only to be greeted by Kyoya and Benkei. Before long, A battle breaks out between Ginga and Kyoya who wish to settle the score once and for all! Leone appears to be stronger than ever and ends up throwing boulders at Pegasis! Elsewhere, Yuki is preparing to board a ship to find someone. Johannes is spying on him without Yuki noticing. Back on the island, Ginga and Kyoya are stopped by a mud hole in which Leone has gotten stuck in. Pegasis attempts to use Star Gazer on it only to be stopped by a Lion Gale Force Wall. In a huge explosion, Pegasis and Leone change form to their owners surprise. The beys seem to have hidden potential and Madoka cannot find any data on either bey. Pegasis is soon pushed into a corner by Leone and is about to lose all it’s remaining rotations, however, Pegasis’ performance tip changes and both beys soon begin their full power attacking spree again. Both Ginga and Kyoya appear to be shocked, yet enjoying themselves.

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