Metal Fight Beyblade VS The Sun: Sol Blaze the Scorching Hot Invader
Kanji 劇場版メタルファイト ベイブレードVS太陽
Episode Number N/A
Arc Big Bang Bladers
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode N/A
Japanese August 21,2010
English Febuary 10,2011
Theme Music
Opening Spinning the World

Metal Fight Beyblade VS The Sun: Sol Blaze the Scorching hot Invader (劇場版メタルファイト ベイブレードVS太陽) is the Second Metal Fight Beyblade related film.


It is an metal fight Movie where the bladers battle against sol blaze.

Featured Beybattles

  • flame libra vs flame saggitaro
  • Sol Blaze(Helios) VS Earth Eagle(Tsubasa) VS Dark Bull(Benkei) VS Earth Virgo(Teru) VS Dark cancer(Tetsuya) VS Flame Libra(Yuu)n VS Ray Unicorno (Masumane) VS 3 Other Bladers.
  • rock Leone(Kyoya) VS Dark Poseidon (Bakim) Sol Blaze (Helios) VS Galaxy Pegasus (Ginga)

Featured Beys

  • Sol Blaze
  • Dark Poseidon
  • Galaxy Pegasus



  • At the month of August 2010, there were special movie tickets whereas if someone is lucky enough, they may recieve an limited edition Sol blaze with an Pernemant red painted fusion wheel.
  • Teru Saotome, Tetsuya Wataragani, Hyoma and Ryutaro Fukami return in this feature length film.
  • The featured track by YU+KI (Spinning the world) was featured in this movie, the movie trailers and the movie commercials.
  • In the movie, it is the first time Flame Saggitario Battles Galaxy Pegasus.

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