O.T.A = Osamu-Takashi-Akira

These three are friends of Kenta's. At the start, they appear to be minor, but soon they are frequently seen.They only appear in Beyblade Metal Fuision.


He appears to wear a blue T-Shirt with a red shirt on top and beige trousers. He is chubby and has spiky hair.

Osamu and his Bey

He is the main of the three and loves to be in the spotlight. He was most interested in finding beyblade treasure on the WBBA Island and recieves an Angle Compass and Launcher Grip. His goal if he won the tournament was to create his own theme park called OTA, obviously named after the three.

His type of bey is an Attack.

His bey is thought to be a different coloured Wind Wolf 100HF .


He wears a blue shirt and grey trousers. He is skinny and has a somewhat curly bowl cut...

Takashi and his Bey

He is most interested in Defense Type beys.

His bey is thought to be a different colored Clay Leone D125FS.

He also has the voice of Baron from Bakugan New Vestroia.


He wears a light blue shirt with a dark blue jacket on top. He also wears beige/grey trousers and has a navy-blue version of Gingka's hair style. He's neither chubby or skinny.

Akira and his Bey

His bey is probably balanced, all round.

His bey is thought to be a different coloured Heat Pices145HF.


  • Akira happens to be a weak blader.
  • The beginning letters of their names sort of describe their figures.
    • Osamu, being round like an O.
    • Takashi, being Skinny like a T.
    • Akira, an average figure, like an A.
    • They battle together as OTA.

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