Pirates Orojya is a Stamina type Beyblade that will appear in Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G. It is owned by Eight Unabara.

Pirates Orojya
Pirates Orojya
Game Info
Number BBG-08
Type Stamina
Stone Face Orojya
Crystal Wheel Pirates
Spin Track 145
Performance Tip D
Anime Info
Owner TBA
First Appearance TBA


Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G

It was first seen when Eight accepted Zero's challenge in episode 3. The battle was continued into episode 4, where Orojya easily avoided Ifraid's attacks, staying in the center of the stadium for a defensive position. However, the battle turned around when Ifraid circled rapidly to make the stadium sway, and then defeated Orojya with a flaming attack.


Pirates Orojya was released April 21, 2012 in Japan. It will probably be released in Wave 10 (Nov./Dec 2013) in the US.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Stone Face Orojya - - -
Chrome Wheel Orojya ? ? ?
Crystal Wheel Pirates ? ? ?
Spin Track 145 - - * *
Performance Tip D * * * * * *


Stone Face: Orojya

The Stone Face depicts Orochi, an eight headed Japanese sea dragon of legend. It features three snake heads.

Chrome Wheel: Orojya

Similar to Saramanda, Orojya is circular, but features eight snake designs to represent the heads of Orochi. It also features a face at the bottom that looks similar to the faces on Diablo.

Crystal Wheel: Pirates

Pirates appears to be light blue in color.

Spin Track: 145

145 is the third tallest Spin Track, along with its counterparts C145, M145, etc. It was once useful in stamina customizations, but is outclassed by many other Spin Tracks, such as DF145 and AD145.

Performance Tip: Defense

Defense is the basic defensive Performance Tip, which makes it hard to knock down, but provides little Stamina compared to SD and WD. D is usually seen as the worst of the three.



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