Poison Serepnt SW145 SD

Poison Serpent is Mizuchi Reiji's Beyblade.


It appeared in the first round of Battle Bladers where it destroyed Rock Aries. It then faced off against Flame Libra and would have won untill Libra created a blinding light that allowed Yu and Libra to escape. In the quarterfinals, it battled Flame Sagittario. Although Sagittario combined parts with Flame Libra, Serpent still destroyed both of them. It fought Storm Pegasus and lost.

Special Attacks

  • Venom Strike(Venom Genocide): A dark move where Serpent beast rises out of the beyblade and attacks the foe repeatedly to chip off it's parts.


Poison Serpent was released in wave 3 along with Rock Escolpio, Thermal Pisces, Earth Vigro, and Burn Phoenix. The Spin Track is attached to a third Wheel which is interchangeable between Attack and Defense option. It is a balance type Beyblade.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Serpent
Clear Wheel Serpent * * * * * * *
Metal Wheel Poison * * * * * * *
Spin Track SW145 (Switch 145) * * * * *
Performance Tip SD (Semi Defense) * * * * * * *


  • The Poison fusion wheel looks similar to the Dark fusion wheel, except that poison has 15 blades and dark only has 12.
  • Poison Serpent seems to be a bit like a forbidden bey like L-Drago.
    Dark poison

    Left(Dark) Right(Poison)


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