Poison Zurafa Is A Beyblade Released In Attack And Defense Set. It Is A Defense Type.

Face Bolt : Zurafa

The Face Bolt Depicts Qilin In Green On A Translucent face bolt.

Energy Ring : Zurafa

Orignal Release Of Zurafa Was Orange And Yellow. Here, It Is Clear With black flames.

Fusion Wheel : Poison

Poison Has 15 blades. It does not destroy other Beyblades and has a better Smash Attack and recoil than Dark and Heat because of the gaps.

Spin Track : Shield 130

Shield 130 Is A Track That Was Orignally Designed To Be Wide And Absorb Hits But BD145 Does It More Effectively. S130 Should Reduce recoil. It Is Outclassed By UW145, BD145 And TR145.

Performace Tip : Metal Ball

Metal Ball Is The Heaviest Performace Tip Known. It Is Very Tough To Kick It Out Because Of Being Made Up Of Metal, Providing Very Low Friction. It Is Black In In Color.


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