Rock Capricon is a combo bey.It is a defensive bey.


The facebolt deplicts capricorn which is one of the zodiac signs of the world.It is also one of the 88 constelations of the world.Capricorn means goat.

Energy Ring:Capricorn

It is a simple energy ring which has yellowish-green colour.

Fuision Wheel:Rock

It is same Fuision Wheel that Rock Leone and Rock Giraffe Has.It is a defensive wheel which makes the whole bey defensive. This wheel is heavy, but it has some recoil, so other wheels like Earth are rocommended. However, it does have some use in Heavy attack combos.

Spin Track:T125

Tornado 125 is an outclassed med-hight spin track. It used to be top tier, with idential performance with D125, but it's middle height does not give it much of a benifent of stamina, nor balance. Best used in blance combos.

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