Remember, Ginga, the thing that determines who wins a bey battle in the end is the bladers' spirit.


Ryūsei Hagane

Ryuusei Hagane

鋼 流星Hagane Ryūsei









  • Unknown (Father)
  • Unknown (Mother)
  • Ginga Hagane (Son)

Debut (Manga)

Volume 1, Chapter 4

Debut (Anime)

Episode 14

Appears in

Anime, Manga

Seiyū (Japanese)

Shou Hayami

Ryūsei Hagane (鋼 流星, Hagane Ryūsei) Ryūsei (Ryo in the English Dub) Hagane is a character from the Metal Fight Beyblade manga series and the father of Gingka Hagane.


Ryūsei is a tall, muscular, red-haired guy who wears a white scarf and a blue headband with Pegasus symbol on it. Unlike Gingka the Pegasus symbol has two wings while Gingka has one. He looks like an older and muscular version of Gingka, which is where the family resembelance comes in strongest. He also has a bit of facial hair on his chin.


Ryusei Hagane is a very a smart man with a love for bey blade. ==Ryusei.

He seems to have a cheerful attitude, sometimes as prescribed by others he acts like a joker, e.x. when he tells hikaru to call him "immortal phoenix".he loves imitating heroes and like his son he also has an unusual love for bey blade.

Though he is an adult, Ryusei acts like a teenaged ambitious boy. Often taking an unusual entry in front of anyone, even before [Gingkha]'s friends.


Ryusei, the father of Gingka, is the first holder of Storm Pegasus.

Synopsis (Anime Version)


Pegasus 105F: is Ryūsei's first Beyblade. He gave it to his son, Gingka Hagane. (Manga)

Storm Pegasus 105 RF: In the anime during when Gingka tells Kenta the story of his father, Ryūsei has Storm Pegasus instead of Pegasus 105F.

Burn Phoenix 135 MS: Ryūsei disguises as the legendary blader "Phoenix", so as not to shock Gingka.

Beast/Finishing Moves


MFB Pegasis


Debut (Manga)

Volume 1, Chapter 1

Debut (Anime)

Episode 1

Appears in

Anime and Manga

Pegasus (天馬, Tenba): is the beast inside the Pegasus 105F, Storm Pegasus beyblade.


  • Ryusei litereally means 'Meteor' in Japanese which complements Gingka's name, meaning 'Galaxy'.
  • It is believed that he is dead due to his fight with Ryuga because of rocks that fell upon him but was saved by a beyblade called Burn Phoenix and pulled out of the volcano by Hokuto.


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