Switch 145 has three wings which can be removed and "switched" to have either defensive or offensive properties. It is switched by removing the Performance Tip and pulling the wings down. Attack is the side with the triangle shaped stickers while Defense is the other side.Although having a defense mode, this piece has too much recoil to be added to defense combos, but it has a use with high attackers, as if used correctly, it can be useful. One Attack customization this Track can be used in is MF Lightning L-Drago (Upper Mode) SW145LRF. Switch 145 is very similar to Upper Wing 145 because of the Mode Change and height.Note: For left spinning Beys, SW145 should be put in Defense Mode to be in attack mode, since Lightning L-Drago rotates counterclockwise, unlike most other beys that spin clockwise. Line up the major contact points with Lightning's slopes so that the Track and the Metal Wheel can provide Smash Attack together. For all other left spinning Beys, attack mode is defense mode, and vice versa.

Attack: 0- Defense: 3- Stamina: 2


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