Samurai Ifrad is an Attack Type Beyblade that will appear in Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G. It will be owned by the main protagonist of the series, Zero Kurogane.

Samurai Ifraid
Samurai Ifraid
Game Info
Number BBG-001
Type Attack
Stone Face Ifraid
Crystal Wheel Samurai
Spin Track W145
Performance Tip CF
Anime Info
Owner Zero Kurogane
First Appearance TBA


Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G

In episode 1, it won its way through 100 consecutive victories by defeating minor Beyblades such as Thermal Capricorn 125D. It used a Special Move, Shooting Star Crash, to win the 100th battle. Later, when Zero traveled to the Beypark, it battled other minor Beyblades, this time in the Zero-G Attack Type Stadium. Ifraid defeated them but Zero was soon challenged by Shinobu Hiryuin and his Beyblade Saramanda. It is also revealed in this episode that Zero was given Ifraid by Gingka, who told him to become "stronger, stronger then him one day".

Special Moves

  • Shooting Star Crash: An attack suspiciously similar to StarBlast Attack, where Ifraid leaps up into the air and crashes down on the opponent.


Samurai Ifraid was released March 31, 2012 in Japan. It will probably be released in Wave 10 (Nov.Dec. 2013) in the U.S.A.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Stone Face Ifraid - - -
Chrome Wheel Ifraid * * * * * * *
Crystal Wheel Samurai * * * * * * - *
Spin Track W145 - * * *
Performance Tip CF * * * * * * *


Stone Face: Ifraid

The Stone Face depicts an Ifrit, a mythical creature of fire. It features an Ifrit's head with an open mouth and three horns on a blue background.

Chrome Wheel: Ifraid

Ifraid seems to have a shape similar to Ray, except with deeper and larger indents. It is also asymmetrical and has a three-pronged design at the bottom. It can be placed either above or below Samurai for a mode change.

Crystal Wheel: Samurai

Samurai is red, and looks similar to Vulcan. It has a predominantly circular shape and can be placed eithe above or below Ifraid for a mode change.

Spin Track: Wing 145

W145 is a Spin Track that is assumed to produce an effect similar to W105, DF145, or T125, by pushing air down for increased stability and Stamina. While probably more effective then DF145, it is still negligable.

Performance Tip: Circle Flat

CF is a flat tip the width of XF, with a circle ring around it the size of S130. This tip was probably designed for the new Zero-G Attack Type Stadium, because the ring allows it to "roll" at an angle when it gets knocked off balance or the stadium tilts. It has proven effective in the Zero-G Attack Type Stadium in the combination Saramanda Saramanda AD145 CF.


  • The name "Ifraid" was originally thought to be "Ifreid" or "Afraid" by English-speaking fans.
  • The Samurai are Japanese warriors, like Shinobi, or Ninjas. This may suggest a similarity between Samurai Ifraid and Shinobi Saramanda.

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