Shinobu Hiryuin
Shinobu Hiryuin
Race Human
Age ?????
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Blader
Personal Status
Beys/Special Moves
1st Bey Shinobi Saramanda
First Appearance
Anime Debut Zero-G Episode 1
Japanese Voice Kouki Uchiyama


Shinobu has sandy hair and green eyes, as well as beige skin. He wears a red jacket over a white collared shirt, black pants, and reddish-brown shoes. Unlike most characters, he does not wear gloves, but instead has several rings on his right hand.


Not much is known of his personality yet, but as of Episode 1, he appears to be calm and collected like Hyoma.


He appeared at the end of Episode 1 when Zero demanded to battle him, and accepted his challenge.


In the Manga he is shown defeating several bladers before Zero appeared and challenged him to a battle. Shinobu accepted the challenge only if Zero gave him his belongings if Shinobu won. Zero wanted to battle in the Attack Type Stadium, but they ended up with the Zero-G Attack Type Stadium. Zero lost the battle and gave Shinobu his belongings before running away.


  • Shinobi Saramanda SW145 SD: Shinobu's first Beyblade.


  • His name, Shinobu, is very similar to his Beyblade's Crystal Wheel, Shinobi.


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