Spiral Capricorn is an Attack type Beyblade that appears in Beyblade: Metal Masters under ownership of Dr. Ziggurat.

Spiral Capricorn
Spiral Capricorn
Game Info
Number BB-102
Type Attack
Face Bolt Capricorn
Energy Ring Cspricorn
Fusion Wheel Spiral
Spin Track 90
Performance Tip MF
Anime Info
Owner Dr. Ziggurat
First Appearance Episode 97


Beyblade: Metal Masters

It made its debut appearance in episode 45 when Dr. Ziggurat used it to clear away the debris caused by his helicopter. It did not participate in the following battle, however.It was breifly seen in episode 51, where it battled Flame Byxis and lost easily. The whereabouts of Spiral Capricorn are currently unknown.


Spiral Capricorn was released in Wave 6. It is an Attack type.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Capricorn - - -
Energy Ring Capricorn * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Spiral * * * * * * * *
Spin Track 90 * * - -
Performance Tip MF * * * * * - * *


Face Bolt: Capricorn

The Face Bolt depicts Capriorn, one of the 88 constellations in the sky. It features a goat's head, but where "Capricorn" is usually written on a banner, there are to horn-like desgins instead.

Energy Ring: Capricorn

Capricorn depicts two goats going in a clockwise direction. The horns of these goats are said to be able to destablize taller Beyblades, and are decent for Smash Attack if one has no better Energy Rings.

Fusion Wheel: Spiral

Spiral is one of the best pre-Metal Fury Attack type Fusion Wheels, along with Vulcan, Gravity, and Lightning. Its slopes conduct Upper Attack, making it one of the only Upper Attack wheels in MFB. Despite being a powerful wheel, it is outclassed by Flash, Blitz, and Variares. If Spiral is to be used, it must be used in conjunction with a Metal Face and a short Spin Track, such as in the combo MF-H Spiral Pisces 90R2F.

Spin Track: 90

90 is the second shortest Spin Track available, and is often used by players who wish to avoid floor scrapes as a substitute for 85. If used with a tall Performance Tip such as RF, however, there is little need to worry about floor scrapes and 85 should be used instead.

Performance Tip: Metal Flat

MF is a flat tip made out of metal, but unlike RF, it is rougly the diameter of F. The smaller diameter, added to the metal surface, creates less friction with the ground and provides more Stamina. However, this means it is not as agressive as other tips such as RF or R2F. Nonetheless, MF is one of the best offensive tips with Stamina and is considered top tier in the combo L-Drago Destructor BD145MF.


  • The original release of Spiral Capricorn used a magnetic metal for MF. However, later releases used the same, nonmagnetic metal that Fusion Wheels are made of.
  • Spiral Force may have been named after Spiral Capricorn, or vice versa.
  • This bey is owned by Dr.Zigurat


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