Storm Capricorne is Tobio Oike's Beyblade. the beast inside of it is a goat.


It was first seen in episode 25 with Tobio. In a tournament, it beat a random guy's Clay Leone and then lost to Rock Leone in the finals.

In episode 35, it is about to battle Thermal Pisces for a chance at battling Ryuga and L Drago, but Ryuga takes on Tobio and Ryutaro on at once and wins, recruiting them to the Dark Nebula.

In episode 36, Tobio interrupted Gingka's final match, and they had a battle. Although Capricorn had Pegasus on the ropes for a while, Pegasus won using Storm Bringer.

In episode 40, It fought Dark Bull in the premlimaries of Battle Bladers and lost. As punishment, Tobio was forced to battle Ryuga, along with Tetsuya and both of them lost. It is believed Capricorn was damaged or destroyed in this battle.

Special Attacks

  • Spin Screwdriver(Lightning Screwdriver/Screw Death Driver): Capricorn flies into the air and slams down on the opponent. This is similar to Storm Pegasus's Starblast attack.
  • Sniper Shot: Capricorn dashes forward and strikes the opponent as if it had been shot from a gun.


Storm Capricorn was released in wave two along with Rock Orso, Evil Gemios, Earth Eagle, Lightning L Drago, and Flame Libra. it is an attack type Beyblade.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Capricorn
Energy Ring Capricorn * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Storm * * * * * * *
Spin Track M145 * * * *
Performance Tip Q * * * * * *


  • Capricorne is sometimes spelled Capricorn. This is why the name of this is Storm Capricorn, not capricorne.
  • Although the toy form is supposed to bounce, it does not bounce very much, mainly just hopping in a circle.