Storm Pegasus
Game Info
Number BB-28
Type Attack
Face Bolt Pegasus
Energy Ring Pegasus
Fusion Wheel Storm
Spin Track 105
Performance Tip RF
Anime Info
Owner Gingka Hagane
First Appearance Episode 1
Storm Pegasus is Gingka Hagane's Beyblade. Pegasus was given to Gingka by his Father. It evolves into Galaxy Pegasus.


In episode 1, It defeated Benkei Hanawa and five other Face Hunters alongside Flame Sagittario. Later, it managed to win a 100 to 1 battle against all of the Face Hunters but Kyoya.

In episode 2, it is repaired by Madoka in preperation for its battle with Kyoya and Rock Leone. Even though Kyoya picked a location where he would have an advantage, Gingka managed to win using StarBlast Attack.

In episode 3, Kenta thought Gingka was leaving the town because he had defeated its strongest blader, so he challenged Gingka to a battle. Sagittario managed to endure Pegasus' attacks for hours, seeing as when the battle ended, it was evening. However, Pegasus defeated it with a Special Move.

In episode 4, it battled Benkei's new Beyblade, Dark Bull. When the battle brought part of the ceiling down, Benkei saved Gingka and Pegasus, but then resumed their battle. Pegasus won using a Shooting Star Attack.

In episode 5, It battled Mad Cancer in a three-round battle. It won the first round, but lost to a crab trap in the second round. It blew away all of the mud and crabs with Tornado Wing and won the battle.

In episode 8, it participated in Merci's fake TV show, "Challenge Blader". it defeated many opponents including a gigantic beyblade.

In episode 9, It battled Storm Aquario and won when Gingka spotted the sun's reflection on Aquario's metal and hit the real one with StarBlast Attack.

In episode 10, It fought Rock Leone. After a close battle, it won after learning a new move, Meteor Shower Attack.

In episodes 11 and 12, it battled its way through the Dark Nebula castle, ultimately defeating Doji and Dark Wolf in a bey battle.

In episode 13, It battled Lightning L Drago and lost due to Gingka losing his temper and therefore giving Ryuga more power.

In episode 14, It was shown in Gingka's flashback under the ownership of his father, Ryusei Hagane. Ryusei was teaching Gingka how to wield Pegasus in a battle, but Doji and Ryuga appeared to steal L Drago from its cursed prison. Pegasu Fought L Drago, but was defeated. as the mountain was caving in, Ryusei gave Pegasus to Gingka.

It was not featured again until episode 17, where Gingka used it to overcome many trials on the mountainside, such as an avalanche and an illusory Ryuga.

In episode 18, It completed several challenges in the Bey Forest, by crossing a lake and aiming through a hole in a rock. later, it battled Rock Aries in the Green Hades stadium. Pegasus initially struggled because its performance tip could not get a grip on the glassy surface of the stadium, but after the stadium was shattered by StarBlast Attack, it defeated Aries descisively.

In episode 20, it was shown in the survival battle, defeating five light wheel beys at once.

In episode 21, It was shown battling OTA's beyblades and winning easily.

In episode 22, It faced off against Flame Libra and Rock Leone, but lost due to the Sonic Buster attack weakening Pegasus' spin and Libra's powerful attacks. Kyoya forfeited, removing the damaged Leone from the battle.

In episode 24, It battled Earth Eagle and claimed what seemed like an easy victory, until Gingka realized Tsubasa had been holding back.

In episode 28, It battled Dark Cancer in the finals of a tournament, and despite Tetsuya's tricks, defeated it by knocking it through the wall of the stadium.

In episode 30, It battled Thermal Pisces. although it struggled for a bit, Gingka's desperation and Pegasus' speed created a vacuum around Pisces, nullifying the air currents and blasting it out of the stadium. This technique was later name Storm Bringer.

In episode 32, It battled Rock Leone, Earth Eagle, Flame Libra, Flame Sagittario, and Rock Aries. Since Gingka was perceived as the most powerful blader in the battle, Yu and Tsubasa argued over who should defeat him. Eagle and Libra soon started attacking each other with shockwaves that threatened to tear the stadium apart, so Gingka tried to stop this by ordering Pegasus to rush headlong into the explosion, hoping to stop Eagle or Libra. The battle ended with Pegasus, Eagle and Libra in a sleep out, with only Leone and Sagittario still spinning (Aries had been defeated previously). Leone beat Sagittario, so Kyoya won the match.

In episode 33, It battled Burn Phoenix, and after a close battle, it lost, much to Gingka's dismay, as Phoenix crushed his Beypointer. Gingka then swore that he will quit beyblading the next time he lost.

In episode 34, It battled Earth Virgo and had some trouble getting around the defense of its GB145 Spin Track, until Pegasus used Storm Bringer. Soon after, Gingka officially decided to name it that.

In episode 36, It battled Storm Capricorn in a stadium with moving walls. Tobio and Capricorn had the advantage, as they could bounce of the walls, or shoot in between them with a quick Sniper Shot. However, Pegasus was powerful enough to actually destroy the walls , giving it enough space to use Storm Bringer and win the battle.

In episode 37, It briefly was shown blowing away the fire pit in Busujima's stadium so Sora could defeat him.

In episode 38, It interrupted Kenta's second battle with Tsubasa, and was about to battle him when Phoenix appeared and challenged both Gingka and Tsubasa to a battle.

In episode 39, it battled Burn Phoenix again. Since Gingka had mastered his new special move, he defeated Phoenix's fire attacks and claimed his points back.

In episode 40, It took center stage in a battle with Flame Libra. after a hard-fought battle, it emerged victorious.

In episode 42, It fought Thermal Pisces and seemed to be losing at first, but Gingka was able to withstand the Blazing Inferno attack and defeated Ryutaro and Pisces.

In episodes 46 and 47, it had a drawn out battle with Poison Serpent. Pegasus had a hard time adapting to Serpent's track change, but was able to hold out long enough to win with Storm Bringer.

In episodes 50-52, It battled Lightning L Drago in the final battle. Although Gingka had a 0.02% chance of winning, He managed to pull through with the power of Hikaru, Tsubasa, and Kyoya's bey spirits and his new special move, Galaxy Nova. Pegasus had defeated the Dark Power, and then crumbled to dust after because it had exerted all of its energy.

Special Moves

  • Star Blast Attack (Shooting Star Attack): Pegasus attacks the opponent by crashing down on it from an airborne position.
  • Tornado Wing : Pegasus launches white blades from its wings while in beast form.
  • Meteor Shower Attack: An attack similar to Star Blast Attack, except that Pegasus is aided by small blue stars from its consteallation.
  • Storm Bringer : Pegasus circles that stadium so fast that blue flames appear. The flames suck up the air arround the opponent, causing a vacuum so powerful the opponent is blasted out of the stadium.
  • Galaxy Nova : Pegasus flies out into the Galaxy and attacks the opponent in beast form with a powerful laser.


Storm Pegasus was released in Wave 1. It is an Attack type.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Pegasus
Energy Ring Pegasus * * * * * * *
Fusion Wheel Storm * * * * * *
Spin Track 105 *
Performance Tip RF * * * * * * *


Face Bolt: Pegasus

The Face Bolt represents Pegasus, one of the 88 constellations in the sky.

Pegasus Energy Ring

Made with polycarbonate, the clear wheel absorbs attacks and rebounds it to its opponent. It supports the fusion wheel from the inside. Outclassed in Attack, Defense and Stamina.

Storm Metal Wheel

The metal wheel resembles a tornado and each of the three attacking parts of the wheel look like wings. The gaps between the wheel are not wide enough to provide good smash attack and have a lot of recoil. Outclassed by a lot of wheels.

Track 105

Track 105 is designed to give the beyblade a short height. This allows Storm Pegasus to Upper Attack tall wheels with its clear wheel. Although this track is a good part, it is outclassed by Wing 105, Left Wing 105, 100, 90, 85, etc. 105 has no problems with floor scraping, though.

Performance Tip: Rubber Flat

Rubber Flat is a flat tip made of rubber. This increases friction with the ground and therefore causes the beyblade to move more aggresively but compromises Stamina because of Friction with the ground. This part is outclassed by its upgrade, Rubber 2 Flat in Attack.


  • It has a RF Performance Tip.


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