Thief Phoenic is an Attack type Beyblade that appears in Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero-G.

Thief Phoenic
Theif Phoenic
Game Info
Number BBG-09
Type Attack
Stone Face Phoenic
Crystal Wheel Thief
Spin Track E230
Performance Tip GCF
Anime Info
Owner TBA
First Appearance TBA



Thief Phoenic was released in Japan on April 21, 2012 in Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 1. It is an Attack type.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Stone Face Phoenic
Chrome Wheel Phoenic
Crystal Wheel Thief
Spin Track E230
Performance Tip GCF


Stone Face: Phoenic

The Stone Face depicts a Phoenix, a mythical bird that, at the end of its life cycle, burned to death, and was reborn from the ashes.

Chrome Wheel: Phoenic

The Chrome Wheel features three designs shaped like wings, with a bird's claw clutching the Crystal Wheel and a beak design. Its jagged shape is decent for Attack.

Crystal Wheel: Thief

Thief was designed to match the shape of Phoenic, almost exactly following the jagged pattern of Phoenic's Chrome Wheel. It also features some rounded protrustions.

Spin Track: Elevator 230

E230 is the first gimmicked 230 Spin Track, and it features a disk the width of BD145. The disk is normally at rest at the bottom of the Track, but is designed to move upward as the Beyblade moves up the side of the Stadium, keeping it inside the stadium and helping it retain a steady speed. It has shown remarkable results in Defense testing, and can be used in the combo Revizer Revizer E230CS.

Performance Tip: Gya Circle Flat

GCF is a variant of CF, a flat tip with a ring around it, but while CF is the size of F and has a smooth ring, GCF is the width of WF and has a jagged gear design on the ring, helping it to grip the side of the Stadium and create less smooth movement. GCF has found use in the combo Meteo L-Drago S130GCF.


  • Thief Phoenic's name was originally though to be Thief Fennec, and based of the Fennec fox.


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