This is a Stanima type beyblade that comes with a recoloerd version of Thermal Lacerta WA130.



Face Bolt- The Loene face bolt is green with a gold, crowned lion on it.

 Energy Rring--Leone is a Defense type Energy Ring that weighs 3 grams. It is predominantly circular with small ridges. It is of decent weight and balance, but is outclassed by rings such as Gasher or Kerbecs. It was first seen in Wave 1 with Rock Leone.

Fusion Wheel-Thunder is a Stamina Type Fusion Wheel. It is smooth like Twisted or Scythe, but not as heavy. It is light and deflective, but outclassed by top-tier Stamina wheels. It was first seen in Wave 4 with Thunder Libra.

Spin Track-GB145 stands for Gravity Ball 145.It is  the Spin Track 145 with 4 metal balls and 2 that move.This is the third-heaveiest spin track. While this Spin Track is especially good for Defense and Balance, it isn't the best for Stamina, because even thought it has good centrifugal force, the metal balls will move to the side wherever it tilts,causing it to be pressurized and will tilt more and hit the floor.

Performance Tip-Ball Spike is really just a ball with a spike,the spike will make a good Balance,and when it looses its Balance,the ball kicks in and works its way to get it back on the spike (Wide Ball does better at this).If a Bey with Ball Spike gets hit hard,the ball will touch the ground a push the Bey back up and hit the attacker back like a counter move.

Ball Spike is a great choice for Defense and stamina,but it does have some problems for its balance. WD and other tips outclass it.

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