Vulcan Horuseus is Nile's Beyblade. The beast inside of it is the Egyptian god Horus.
Vulcan Horuseus


It was first seen in episode 18, where it took part in the qualifying round for the African team. It won a battle royale against many other bladers, and later took them on in a survival battle. Nile was tricked by Markus into losing his winner's bracelet, but later won it back with the help of Kyoya and Demure.

In episode 19, It battled Storm Serpent of the Indian Team Chandora and won with ease.

In episode 20, It battled Ray Unicorno and won using its Special move to break off a piece of Unicorno, winning the match for Africa.

In episode 23, It battled Unicorno and Pegasus with Leone on its side. Horuseus targeted Pegasus first, but was stopped by Leone. It then battled Unicorno to a stalemate until Gingka and Masamune combined their powers and defeated it.

Special Moves

  • Mystic Zone: Horuseus creates what seems to be a defensive crystal wall. Not much is known about this special move.


It can only be obtained by getting the PSP game "Metal Fight Beyblade Portable"or the DS game "Beyblade: Metal Masters". It is a Defense Type.

Part Name Attack Defense Stamina
Face Bolt Horuseus
Energy Ring Horuseus
Fusion Wheel Vulcan
Spin Track 145 * *
Performance Tip D * * * * * * *


  • In the video game, Beyblade: Metal Masters, it is misspelled Holeseus.
  • Strangely, all beyblades with Egytptian god Face Bolts/Energy Rings have Roman god Fusion Wheels.


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