Flame Sagittario, Wave 1 Bey Sold With A Launcher Grip

Wave 1 was a release of several Beyblade sets at once, and it was the first wave released for Metal Fight/Metal Fusion.


  • Storm Pegasus
  • Rock Leone
  • Dark Wolf
  • Dark Bull
  • Rock Aries
  • Dark Cancer
  • Storm Aquario
  • Flame Sagittario(sold with a launcher grip)

Blader Gear

  • Launcher Grip(Blue)
  • Assembly Chamber
  • String Launcer(Orange)

Face off Sets

  • Tornado Wing
  • Lion Gale Force Wall
  • Flame Claw
  • Darkness Howling Blazer
  • Red Horn Uppercut


  • Pegasus Thunder Whip (Yellow/Blue)
  • Portable Stadium

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