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Wave 2 was the second release of Metal Fight/Metal Fusion Beyblade tops and accessories. It was released July/August 2010.


  • Storm Capricorn
  • Rock Orso
  • Flame Libra
  • Lightning L Drago
  • Evil Gemios
  • Earth Eagle
  • Flame Sagittario(individual)

Blader Gear

  • Store N' Carry Case (Red)
  • Launcher Grip (black)
  • Launcher Grip (Red)

Face Off Sets

  • Metal Wing Smash
  • Dragon Bite Strike
  • Fighting Bear Fury
  • Lightning Screwdriver


  • Lightning L-Drago Stadium (Black)
  • Ultimate "Super Vortex" Staduim (comes with Alt. colored Storm Pegasus and Lightning L Drago)

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