Wave 7 is the seventh Installment of Beyblade tops and accesories. It will also be the Wave 1 of Metal Fight Beyblade 4D.


  • Cosmic Pegasus
  • Scythe Kronos
  • Fang Leone
  • L-Drago Destructor
  • Beat Lynx
  • VariAres
  • Screw Lyra
  • Screw Fox
  • Forbidden Eonis
  • Jade Jupiter
  • Blitz Striker
  • Vulcan Horuseus
  • Nightmare Rex
  • Mercury Anubis
  • Kreis Cygnus
  • Death Quetzacoatl

Blader Gear


Face Off sets

  • Meteo L-Drago LW105 LF vs. Twisted Befall BD145 RSF


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