Wild Wind Fang is an African Team in Big Bang Bladers.This team is owned by Kyoya Tategami.The members of this team are-

  • Kyoya Tategami-He is the leader of this team.His bey is Rock Leone 145WB.He is one of the top rated bladers in Big Bang Bladers.He made a tie against Ginga.
  • Nile-Nile is a close friend of Kyoya.He owns Vulcan Horuseus 145D.He is the second strongest blader in this team.He was able to defeat Masamune in their first battle.
  • Demure-Demure is another friend of Kyoya.He is not a very confident blader and appears to be scared while battling powerful bladers such as Ginga.He is like a human version of Madoka's computer who can read the movements of the bey in slow motion.He owns Counter Escolpio 100 RF.
  • Benkei's alter-ego-He is also known as the masked blader and is supposed to be Benkei's alter-ego.


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